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Facebook laughs

On my news feed today on facebook there was a post asking poeple to “like” if they are thankful for their children. Honestly what next, an oxygen fan club. 


Morrissey and The Smiths


I have been a fan for years. To me he is my Cash, Elvis and Sinatra. Dealing with subject matter even dylan would not touch. From the early days of the smiths to his, at times maligned, solo stuff, he has always been true to his colours. 

To give you and example of his early stuff i have written an article about the hand that rocks the cradle. Have a read please.



No Logo – Questionable business conduct


No Logo by Naomi Klein,

When I did my undergraduate I used this book for a plethora of reasons. 1, because it was packed with great information and examples and 2, well it appealed to me as I was swiftly learning that morally questionable ways of big business. This book tells of big brands using sweat shops, it deals with the marketing of “cool” to teenagers or rather teaching insecure children that “cool” can be purchased through consumerism.

Check out the video and review and be a convert:

Lives of Others – German Cinema


The Lives of Others is one of the best films I have ever seen. Many people are put off foreign language films as they are subtitled. I must say people are denying themselves a rich well of great films if they are turned off by a little reading. Check out this review and video clips and make up your own mind.



So I have been listening to Achtung Baby a lot recently, one of my top 10 albums if the truth be told. So I was discussing this with a mate who decided that he didn’t like U2 as he hate Bono. I mean what the hell is that about. Firstly, since when did anyone care about the personality of the artist when enjoying their work?  Was Oscar Wilde a smashing guy? Does Brad Pitt read his children bed time stories? Does Messi help old ladies cross the road? The answer to all those is “I don’t know” and sub text is “who cares”.

Secondly, why does my friends actually hate him? I’m informed that he feels that he (being Bono) is self righteous. Since when did it become “uncool” to care about Africa? And also how is it that the liberal indie/rock n roll people are of the opinion that wanting to save lives is less important than looking “cool”.

Poeple who hate Bono for anything other than artistic reasons have personal issues. Read this and you’ll find out why:

A few pictures of what our local council did!

What a total mess they have made of our lovely city centre

What a total mess they have made of our lovely city centre



You’ll find loads of interesting stuff here. I’ll amuse you with my rants I’m sure and also you can keep your self amused by my articles which I will link in for you. I love comedy above everything else, except perhaps breathing… eating…. I like to sleep…. well I’m fond on comedy and love to write about it.

Here is a few examples:

Do you like the Ricky Gervais Show? Click here

Or for Karl Pilkington Click here and here

Perhaps you’re a fan of the old British Classic only Fools and Horses?

They all videos for you to watch as well. I highly recommend you have a look as it’ll make you laugh.