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January 24, 2013


So I have been listening to Achtung Baby a lot recently, one of my top 10 albums if the truth be told. So I was discussing this with a mate who decided that he didn’t like U2 as he hate Bono. I mean what the hell is that about. Firstly, since when did anyone care about the personality of the artist when enjoying their work?  Was Oscar Wilde a smashing guy? Does Brad Pitt read his children bed time stories? Does Messi help old ladies cross the road? The answer to all those is “I don’t know” and sub text is “who cares”.

Secondly, why does my friends actually hate him? I’m informed that he feels that he (being Bono) is self righteous. Since when did it become “uncool” to care about Africa? And also how is it that the liberal indie/rock n roll people are of the opinion that wanting to save lives is less important than looking “cool”.

Poeple who hate Bono for anything other than artistic reasons have personal issues. Read this and you’ll find out why:


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